For the past three years, Jacinthe has been wandering around the “métro” with her guitar and has seduced many of its travellers with her charisma and her charming compositions. With the natural nomadic touch that defines her songwriting, she played in the streets and undergrounds of Europe as part of a “busking trip” in the summer of 2013. In December of that year, top national radio station “Europe 1” spotted her and she won their “Talents 20 minutes – Europe 1 2014” prize.

In February 2014, Jacinthe released her first EP consisting of five tracks recorded in the Parisian métro. On wanting to capture these daily encounters, she says:

 « I couldn’t think of a better way to introduce my music than recording it in a real living place. My songs were born in the métro, in bars, in the streets… It seemed impossible to me to record them without the atmosphere that shaped them. When you play in the public space, outside the rules of show business, you’re facing the world directly. It was an amazing artistic and personal experience. »

Although produced to sell mostly during concerts and in the métro, this record has seduced labels in Japan (released here in June 2014) and in Greece (released here in September 2014).

In spring 2014, she met Parisian duo Synapson, who are signed to Parlophone/Warner Music France, and whose buzz is currently shaking the city’s electro scene with a jazz-tinged musical style, mixing Deep House, warm groovy rhythms and traditional instrument melodies. Jacinthe and Synapson working together suddenly seemed as obvious as it was exciting, that resulted in an explosive remix of Jacinthe’s song “Rushing”. Afterwards, she released her first single in French: “Hugo” which will feature on the EP of the same name, to be released in September 2014.

Jacinthe is now on the verge of revealing her own magical recipe to the public: a hybrid sound that carves the soul of her pop/folk compositions into modern, powerful electro.

7 thoughts on “BIO

  1. Saw you yesterday in Paris, at Bastille! Your voice is awosme! And the recommendations where spot on! Merci beaucoup! All the best for the future!🙂

  2. Superbe voix et très belle présence sur scène. Bravo.
    J’ai téléchargé Morning Love et l’écoute en boucle. A quand l’album?

  3. Chouette concert chez JC hier. Très belle voix. Jolies compos aussi. Bonnes lignes de basse (pourquoi pas sur une fretless). A quand l’album?
    Merci pour ce moment et à bientôt!

  4. Je passais dans la station métro, j’entends une voix, à peine le temps de faire un signe de la main, je vois le CD que j’achète rapidement, une pince a linge promotionnelle et je l’éclipse.
    De retour chez moi j’écoute cette voix jazz et soul, l’acoustique de la guitare. Et le métro parisien en fond sonore, mais qui ne gâche rien a la musique, cette voix.
    Très jolie musique, artiste a suivre.
    Soutenons la musique live et les artistes!

  5. 19 juillet 2014

    sublime voix, j’écoute le cd en boucle.. trop court… j’attends le prochain, et que le monde découvre cette artiste.

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