Upcoming shows :


Café de la Presse – 36 bd de la Bastille, 75012 Paris (release party)


Opéra de Limoges – 48 rue Jean Jaurès, 87000 Limoges

Past shows : 

MAY 13th, 14th, 15th

Art Rock Festival – 22000 Saint-Brieuc

APRIL 19th

La Maroquinerie – 75020 Paris (1ère partie de PUGGY)

APRIL 15th

Printemps de Bourges – 18000 Bourges

APRIL 11th

Café de la Danse – 75011 Paris (1ère partie Broken Back)


2 thoughts on “SHOWS

  1. I loved your show before Bernhoft, it was only too short (in my eyes). Happy to have bought your cd. Anyhow it was a perfect evening: You, Bernhoft and also the location.

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